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January 2014
Inaugural Physical Bitcoin Released!
2013 Adam Smith Limited 1st Edition

February 2014
First Bitcoin ATM Arrived!

June 2014
2014 Jeanne D'Arc Physical Bitcoin Released!
2014 Jeanne D'Arc Limited 1st Edition

Summer 2014
Transition from Ambicard VISA Platinum to Mastercard Platinum

Summer 2014
Alitin Exchange begins trading

September 2014
Alitin, Inc. - Annual Shareholder Retreat
Hilton Convention Center
Branson, Missouri

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The world is becoming a smaller and faster place because of social networking and telecommunications. These advances are bringing people together and creating multi-billion dollar markets that no one ever dreamed of just a decade ago. The change that technology brings can come fast but some markets lag behind. We believe that the modern payments industry has not yet caught up to the information age. At Alitin, we have a vision for how it can surge forward into the 21st century and beyond. We invite you to learn more about our subsidiaries and their offerings.


There is a reason why the other man thinks and acts as he does. Ferret out that reason - and you have the key to his actions, perhaps to his personality. Try honestly to put yourself in his place." -- Dale Carnegie

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